Resurfacing Your Property's Concrete Driveway

11 July 2023
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If you have a concrete driveway adorning your property, you want it to provide a smooth surface in addition to a polished appearance for passersby to enjoy. When the concrete deteriorates naturally from everyday use, resurfacing your driveway can get it back to its original condition. Here are steps to take if you wish to undertake a resurfacing project yourself.

Prepare The Driveway With Debris Removal

Any debris settled on your driveway needs removal before you get to work with resurfacing. This is necessary so the resurfacing agent adheres without difficulty. To remove debris, grab a push broom to whisk away loose material with ease. Afterward, use a pressure washer to eliminate caked-on dirt, oil remnants, and other material that has lingered on the concrete after the sweeping has been completed. Allow your driveway to dry before moving on to the next step.

Patch Cracks And Holes To Smooth The Surface

After debris is removed you can easily see where your driveway is in need of patchwork. Obtain a concrete patching compound from a local hardware or home goods business and be sure to follow its packaging directions exactly for the best results. Any marred area within the concrete requires the application of the patching compound. Use a plastic applicator to spread the compound agent inside of voids, as well as over them so they are completely covered. Use sandpaper to remove any jagged pieces of the compound agent after it has dried.

Make Sure Conditions Are Favorable

After patching your driveway, check on the weather conditions in your area to determine whether they are favorable for the application of a resurfacing agent. You need a few days with no precipitation in the forecast, in addition to temperatures above freezing level. If the temperature is expected to plummet, or if precipitation is expected, hold off on completing the project until you have a couple of days of undoubtedly fair weather conditions available. If you believe the weather will comply, soak your driveway completely using a garden hose or pressure washer. This helps the concrete to cool down before the resurfacing application.

Apply The Resurfacing Agent To The Driveway

Resurfacing agents require the addition of water to a concrete powder. Afterward, mix it thoroughly with help from a power drill with a paddle attachment so all lumps are removed. When the resurfacing agent is of a syrupy consistency, apply it directly to your concrete driveway using a concrete brush. Use a squeegee or concrete application broom to spread the agent over the driveway, being sure to use similar strokes to keep the slab looking uniform. Allow the concrete to cure before using the driveway for walking or driving.