Dirt Driveways Compared To Asphalt Driveways

21 March 2023
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If you still have a dirt driveway for your new construction home, then you should change this as soon as possible by having an asphalt driveway paved. Once you learn about some problems a dirt driveway can bring and the benefits an asphalt one offers, your decision will seem so much easier. Here is more on this: A dirt driveway can mean a dirty house  When you have a dirt driveway, you will need to walk across the dirt every time you are going from the car into the house. Read More 

Causes And Repair Options For 5 Types Of Common Asphalt Cracks

2 March 2023
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Asphalt paving can develop cracks for a myriad of reasons. Knowing when to repair and when to replace depends on the type of crack and its cause.   1. Alligator Cracks These cracks form a scale-like pattern on the surface of the asphalt, similar to the skin on an alligator. The cracks form due to load fatigue from supporting too much weight. A weak paving base or an overly thin asphalt layer are the most common causes of poor support and alligator cracking, but even overly heavy traffic compared to what the paved area was designed for can lead to the problem. Read More 

5 Reasons You Should Consider Professional Paving For Your Rental Property

7 February 2023
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As an owner of a rental property, you understand the importance of having an attractive and well-maintained exterior. Professional paving is one way to ensure that your property stands out and looks great in any season or weather. Not only does it add value to the property and attract new renters, but it also protects the foundation from erosion and other damage. Here are five reasons why you should consider professional paving for your rental property: Read More 

5 Tips To Prepare For Parking Lot Sealcoating

18 January 2023
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A sealcoat application every couple of years prolongs the lifespan of your asphalt parking lot. Along with a protective barrier, the seal also gives the lot a facelift so it looks better. When looking to have the lot sealcoated, the following are a few ways you can prepare. 1. Plan for Closure A fresh sealcoat application can often be completed in less than a day, depending on the size of the lot, and then you typically need a second day to allow the sealcoating to completely cure before the lot can be driven on again. Read More 

How Asphalt Sealcoating Can Extend The Life Of Your Paved Surface

6 January 2023
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Asphalt paving is a good option for areas with a lot of vehicle traffic because it is durable and cost-effective and installation does not require much curing time. However, as durable as the material is, there are some things you need to consider to ensure the asphalt stays in good shape. Asphalt sealcoating can have a significant impact on the condition of your asphalt and offers protection to the surface throughout the year. Read More