Should You Use Brick Pavers For Your Driveway?

20 June 2023
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Is your driveway in disrepair and needs to be replaced? You may want to get this job done with brick pavers instead of concrete. It's a material that is becoming more popular with homeowners, but it has its own pros and cons that you need to be aware of before you make a final decision.

Why Use Brick Pavers?

The main reason people use brick pavers is due to their visual appeal. They provide a look that is timeless and classic and can enhance your home's overall curb appeal. With there being so many options for colors, patterns, and sizes, it allows you to get very creative with the type of driveway you install.

Brick pavers are also incredibly durable and are known for their overall longevity and strength. They can easily withstand the weight of cars driving over the surface on a daily basis. However, If a brick paver does crack, you can simply lift out the brick and replace it with a new one without having to do a major repair. 

You don't have to worry about water collecting on the surface of your brick pavers since the water will flow through the gaps and into the soil below. This can help with the amount of water that runs off your driveway and improve the drainage situation.

Why Pick A Different Paving Material?

You may end up not selecting brick pavers due to the cost. You definitely need to have a high budget, since the pavers are expensive and the installation is labor-intensive. Each brick needs to be placed by hand to create a pattern, which also needs to be planned to fit within the space. It's not a job you'll want to do on your own.

Some people do not like brick pavers because of the maintenance involved with weeding between the bricks. It's a problem that doesn't come up with other surfaces like asphalt or concrete, which often have a solid surface that allows water to run off it. 

If you live in an area that has harsh winters with snow, you may find that brick pavers do not perform the best with the constant thawing and freezing cycles. This can cause the joints between the pavers to become loose, which can lead to the pavers cracking. 

On the fence about whether you want to install a brick paver driveway? Reach out to a custom driveway paver installation contractor in your area for their assistance.