Dirt Driveways Compared To Asphalt Driveways

21 March 2023
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If you still have a dirt driveway for your new construction home, then you should change this as soon as possible by having an asphalt driveway paved. Once you learn about some problems a dirt driveway can bring and the benefits an asphalt one offers, your decision will seem so much easier. Here is more on this:

A dirt driveway can mean a dirty house 

When you have a dirt driveway, you will need to walk across the dirt every time you are going from the car into the house. This means you will be tracking dirt inside your new home every day. If it has recently rained or the sprinklers were off by a bit, then you could end up with a mud driveway instead of a dirt one. This means you can be tracking mud inside that will be much harder for you to clean out of the floors. One more thing to consider is that your car floors will always be very dirty as well, due to the driveway. 

A dirt driveway can be hazardous

When you have a dirt driveway, you can end up with pebbles, rocks, and holes throughout the driveway that each present you with a tripping hazard. This is especially the case if it's dark when you're getting in or out of your car, or if you're carrying something, so you can't see the ground in front of you. 

An asphalt driveway will be smooth and easy to clean

If you have an asphalt driveway paved, then the result will be a driveway that's level, smooth, and free of all the tripping hazards mentioned above. Also, the driveway will even be very easy for you to keep clean, so you won't be tracking dirt and mud everywhere. In most cases, you just need to put the high-powered nozzle on the garden hose and spray the driveway down real quick. 

However, there will eventually be things like grease and oil stains that take a little extra work when it comes to getting rid of them. When this happens, you can just have the driveway power washed with the rest of the home's exterior when the time comes. 

An asphalt driveway adds curb appeal

A dirt driveway just looks like you haven't put the finishing touches on your home's exterior yet. However, once you have an asphalt driveway, it will help to bring everything together and your home will look finished, and it will look great. 

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