5 Tips To Prepare For Parking Lot Sealcoating

18 January 2023
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A sealcoat application every couple of years prolongs the lifespan of your asphalt parking lot. Along with a protective barrier, the seal also gives the lot a facelift so it looks better. When looking to have the lot sealcoated, the following are a few ways you can prepare.

1. Plan for Closure

A fresh sealcoat application can often be completed in less than a day, depending on the size of the lot, and then you typically need a second day to allow the sealcoating to completely cure before the lot can be driven on again. If your business is closed on weekends, then a Saturday sealcoating works great because you can keep the lot closed until Monday morning. If your business is open six or seven days a week, it may be better to do the lot in two or more stages so that only part of the lot is closed at any given time. 

2. Repair Significant Damage

Although sealcoating can seal up small divots and narrow cracks, it won't repair large cracks or major damage like potholes. In fact, this damage can continue to worsen even with a fresh sealcoat application. The better course of action is to have cracks and potholes cleaned out and properly patched before sealcoating. The sealcoat layer will then help camouflage the patchwork so it better blends in with the rest of the lot. 

3. Clean Thoroughly

To ensure an even sealcoat application that bonds properly with the underlying asphalt, schedule a cleaning after repairs are made but before the sealcoating is applied. Both loose debris and surface stains need to be removed. Special cleaning treatments may also be necessary to remove any oil and fluid stains on the paving. Cleaning should occur at least a couple of hours ahead of sealcoating so that the parking lot has time to dry.

4. Watch the Weather

Not all weather is conducive to successful sealcoat application. The ideal weather for even application and a quick curing time is sunny and moderately warm. Avoid sealcoating when rain, snow, or other moisture is expected, as moisture interferes with both application and curing. Extreme cold and heat can also affect curing time. Spring, early summer, and fall often provide the best weather for a sealcoat application.

5. Schedule Striping

Sealcoating often requires more than just applying the sealer. The parking stripes and guidelines must be repainted before the lot is opened again for use. Striping can usually be done the day following sealcoating. This brief wait gives the lot time to partially cure first. Schedule your lot striping around the same time you schedule the sealcoat application so that you can have it all done within the time window you had planned for initially. 

For more information on parking lot sealcoating, contact a company near you.