Some Great Commercial Paving Choices For You To Consider

9 December 2022
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When you need to have your commercial parking lot and other surfaces paved, you have many paving options. You'll find a few of the more common ones detailed below, along with details on some of their features. Reading through some of this information might be able to help you come to a decision on what you want to do. The paving options you can read here are asphalt, concrete, and brick. 

Asphalt paving

Asphalt is one of the most common types of paving used for commercial parking lots. One of the main draws to it is the price, as it is one of the most affordable options. Another reason why it's so popular is that it is so easy to maintain. Its black color allows it to conceal dirt and stains well, so it's easier to clean. Also, it should be seal coated every few years or so to give it a protective top layer that helps prevent damage due to weakening in the material from exposure to the elements. Sealcoating also comes with the additional benefit of making it look like a whole new surface again. 

Concrete paving 

Concrete paving is also one of the most popular choices for commercial parking lots. Also, it's commonly used for sidewalks, exterior entrance areas, and other surfaces on the property. Concrete offers an off-white color that's something many businesses prefer over the darker color of asphalt. The lighter color can open up the look of a space, helping it to look larger. Concrete offers a very smooth surface that's easy to walk on in any shoe, including high heels. It's also a nice surface for pushing things on, like carts. It cleans up nicely with a power washing as well. 

Brick paving

Brick paving can be used for commercial parking lots as well. However, it is more commonly seen in parking lots that are on the small side. Brick paving can cause the parking lot to become more of a part of the landscape because it can add a nice look to the whole property. One thing that's great about it from a maintenance standpoint is that damages can be so easily repaired. The brickwork can also transition into other areas naturally, such as up and into the walkways and entrance areas. 


No matter what type of paving you go with for your commercial parking lot and other areas, they all bring great things to the table.

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