Thinking About Installing A Brick Paver Driveway But Worried About Weeds? Here's How You Can Deal With Them

26 August 2022
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If you're thinking about replacing your driveway with one made out of brick pavers, you might be worried about weeds. When they're installed, the contractor will spread sand over the whole driveway to fill the gaps between the bricks. The wind will blow away that sand eventually, and the wind will also blow the topsoil from your lawn into those gaps. It's a perfect place for weeds to grow and spread their seeds.

Thankfully, there are a number of ways you can deal with weeds growing in your brick paver driveway. Below, you'll find out more about your options.


The simplest way to control weeds popping up out of your brick pavers is to use herbicide. You'll want to pick a broad-spectrum granular herbicide and fill every gap between the pavers with it. Nothing will grow there.

If you choose this method, it's important to take note of where your driveway drains towards. Rain will wash out some of the herbicide, and if you're using a broad-spectrum weed killer it will start damaging your landscaping if it drains towards them.

Weed Torch

If you're looking for a greener option not involving potentially dangerous herbicides or just looking to unleash your inner pyromaniac, then a weed torch can take care of them. These are small propane-fueled flamethrowers. Whenever you see a weed growing on your brick paver driveway, just give it a quick flick of the torch directed on its stem. Burning the stem means it won't be able to transport nutrients from its roots to its apical bud where it produces seeds, so its seeds won't be viable and the weed will eventually die.

Brick Paver Sealer

For a more set it and forget it option, you can have your brick paver driveway sealed. You can purchase sealant yourself at most home improvement stores, and it's easy to apply. It's a clear liquid that hardens to protect your pavers from rain, and it will also make it impossible for weeds to sprout since they can't burst through the hardened sealer. You simply get a long-handled brush and brush it onto your entire driveway. The liquid sealer will automatically fill in the gaps between the bricks, then harden and cure to a tough impenetrable layer.

Ultimately, there's no reason to worry about weeds popping up in your brick paver driveway. There are multiple avenues that you can use in order to stop them depending on your desired level of personal involvement. Whether you're killing them with herbicides or a propane torch or sealing your driveway, you don't need to worry about weeds. For more information on brick pavers, contact a company near you.