4 Myths About Asphalt Paving

26 May 2022
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If you're considering installing asphalt paving on your property, say as a driveway, then you might not be sure if this is the right surface solution. You might have heard some negative things about asphalt paving.

However, there are some common myths about asphalt that aren't true. Read on to learn more about these common misconceptions.

1. Asphalt Cracks Too Easily

Some people worry about installing asphalt paving because they think that it cracks too easily. This isn't true.

While asphalt can crack like any paving material this doesn't mean that you'll have significant problems. If an experienced contractor professionally installs your paving, then the surface shouldn't have any problems.

2. Asphalt Needs A Lot Of Maintenance

While you might have heard that asphalt paving needs a lot of care and maintenance, this isn't the case. Like any other paving material, asphalt does need some regular maintenance. However, you won't have much work to do here, and your costs will be comparatively low.

If you use other types of paving, such as concrete, then your maintenance and damage remediation costs can be high. Damage to concrete often involves taking up some of the paving and replacing it.

Asphalt paving is a lot easier to maintain. You do need to reseal your paving every now and then, but this is a quick job. If you do have some cracks in your paving, then you simply need to fill them. Again, this doesn't take much time or money. You won't have to dig up large areas of the paving to make repairs.

3. Asphalt Can't Be Installed In Winter

Some people think that you can only install asphalt paving in spring, summer, or fall. They believe that you shouldn't put down this surface in winter.

There is some truth in this myth; however, it doesn't give you the complete picture. While you shouldn't lay asphalt in very cold weather when the ground is freezing, you can often install it in the winter if the weather is milder and your ground conditions are good.

4. Asphalt Only Comes In Black

Traditional asphalt is black. However, this doesn't mean that you have to settle for black paving.

You can buy asphalt in many different colors now. So, if you want your paving to blend in with your home or make a contrasting statement, then you'll be able to find a color to suit you.

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