Services an Asphalt Contractor Can Provide Homeowners

16 March 2022
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Homeowners will often fail to appreciate the numerous services that a paving contractor will be able to offer them. However, these professionals can be invaluable for keeping your property's driveway in the best condition for as long as possible.

Constructing an Entirely New Asphalt Driveway

Whether you are needing to pave the driveway for the first time or to replace a driveway that has reached the end of its lifespan, constructing a new driveway can be an involved process that will require specialized tools and knowledge to complete. For example, if you are replacing a current driveway, you will need to have the previous one demolished. When paving an area for the first time, the ground will need to be effectively prepared, and this may involve excavating some of the soil so that it will be as level as possible. Once these steps are completed, the new asphalt can be poured over the area, but this will require specialized equipment as the asphalt will have to be heated to be poured.

Asphalt Pavement with Surface Damage May Be Resurfaced to Repair It

There are many ways that the surface of residential paving can be become damaged. Large cracks and other structural asphalt surface issues can grow worse if they are not repaired due to weakening the surrounding areas of the asphalt. Repairing these problems is likely to require the use of a pitching kit to fill in these open areas. Unfortunately, particularly large areas of damage may not be repaired through the use of these patching kits. In this situation, resurfacing the pavement can be an important option as it will involve completely removing the top layer of the asphalt and replacing it with a fresh layer. This can fully restore the appearance of the asphalt's surface as well as its structural integrity.

Sealing the Pavement to Reduce Wear and Damage

Minimizing the amount of wear that asphalt experiences is an important step for extending its life. Unfortunately, individuals do not always appreciate the benefits that sealing the asphalt can provide in terms of protecting it against routine wear. In particular, the application of a protective coating can greatly reduce the amount of moisture that enters through the pores of the asphalt, and it can also limit the ability of sunlight to bleach the asphalt and ruin its color. Ideally, the asphalt should be sealed every few years so that it will be as protected as possible against these potential sources of wear.