5 Benefits Of Epoxy Line Marking For Your Warehouse

17 November 2021
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Warehouse floor lining is used for several reasons, from guiding the flow of work and operations to improving safety. Consider epoxy if it is time to re-line your warehouse floors.

1. Improved Durability

Unlike tape and paint, the other two commonly used methods for line marking, epoxy won't easily wear away over time. This is because epoxy is a two-part mixture that forms a chemical reaction that bonds to the floor when the two parts are mixed together. Epoxy can last for years compared to the alternatives before it begins to chip or scratch. Better durability means fewer repairs and lower lifetime costs.

2. Resists Damages

Heavy traffic areas in a warehouse, especially those areas where heavier equipment is used like forklifts or where pallets are pushed across the floor, are hard spots to maintain striping and lines. Yet these are the areas that tend to need floor lining most. Epoxy cures to a hard surface and bonds with the concrete floor. This means it won't be easily scraped up or peeled away due to the damages of heavy floor traffic.

3. Easy Maintenance

Epoxy lines don't require any special maintenance to maintain them. You can sweep, mop, and even buff and seal the warehouse floor as you normally would. You don't need to worry that buffing or cleaning machines will peel the lining from the floor or scratch it beyond usefulness. In fact, any treatments you use to protect the floor will also help protect the epoxy lining so that it lasts longer.

4. Better Safety

Safety is likely one of the most important things in your warehouse. Good lining that is clear and easy to see helps improve safety. Epoxy lines can mark out dangerous areas, control traffic, and provide warnings for when one is entering active areas of the warehouse. When you choose epoxy for the lining work, you don't have to worry about the lines becoming so worn that they can no longer do their job.

5. Increased Organization

Better organization in a warehouse can create a safer environment while also improving productivity. Using epoxy to create the lining that helps organize the different areas of the warehouse can aid in organization. You can have epoxy lines put down in any color or configuration you can imagine, which makes it easy to color-code sections of the warehouse for better organization. 

Contact a warehouse floor epoxy line marking service to learn more about the available options.