Signs Of The Need For Parking Lot Paving Repairs

10 August 2021
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You may not pay much attention to your commercial property's parking lot, but it is integral to the success of your business. When potential customers drive onto your property, the first thing that will catch their eye is your parking lot. If it looks pristine and inviting, these individuals will feel welcome at your commercial property, and this increases the likelihood of them purchasing your goods or services.

However, if your parking lot looks unkempt and is marred by flaws, these potential clients will be appalled and will probably not want to step foot into your business. But how can you tell if the flaws are merely cosmetic or if they are posing a threat to the integrity of your parking lot? Here are a few of the underrated signs of parking lot damage that should be repaired.

Puddles on the parking lot

When your parking lot paving is installed, the paving contractors will make sure that it has proper drainage that ensures water does not puddle on its surface. Therefore, when water starts pooling on parts of the parking lot, that is a sure-fire sign that your lot requires professional attention, since it has lost its drainage capabilities. In some cases, this means that parts of the parking lot have succumbed to the heavy traffic that they are exposed to, and this allows water to collect in these depressed areas.

In other cases, the aggregate particles and the binder in the asphalt may have disintegrated, and this causes the surface to degrade, which allows puddling on the parking lot. You should know that leaving this water to collect unchecked will only lead to subsequent irreparable damage to the parking lot, so it is integral that you seek repairs from parking lot paving services.

Staining on the parking lot

One of the biggest selling points of asphalt is its vibrant black hue that automatically enhances the visual interest of your commercial property. With that said, the moment this vivid color is impaired by weird discoloration, you should be concerned about undue damage to the asphalt. When asphalt is installed, the paving contractors will apply sealcoating. Sealcoating works to protect the asphalt from exposure to damaging UV rays, auto fluids, and more.

But some commercial property owners forget to adhere to upkeep in the form of the reapplication of sealcoating. As a result, the sealcoating wears off and leaves the asphalt bare, which makes it vulnerable to staining from UV damage and the chemicals in car fluids. Hiring parking lot paving services is vital for the restoration of the asphalt.