Top Things Asphalt Sealcoating Can Protect Your Parking Lot Against

7 June 2021
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If you have an asphalt parking lot on your commercial property, then you might have spent a lot of money to have it installed, and you might really count on it to be used as a parking area for employees and customers. If you want to protect your parking lot, you should learn a little more about having an asphalt sealcoating added to the top surface of the parking lot, if this is not something that you have worked with a professional about already. These are some of the things that asphalt sealcoating can help protect your parking lot against.

1. Oil Leaks

From time to time, a customer who has a vehicle with an oil leak may park in your parking lot, or this might be a problem that one of your employees could be dealing with. If there is an oil leak, then you have to worry about the oil leaving a stain in your parking lot. This can be very difficult to clean up, and it can leave your parking lot permanently stained. If you have an asphalt sealcoating added, however, you can provide a barrier of protection against the oil. This means that you might find that it will be much easier to clean the oil off of your parking lot.

2. Sunlight 

The sun's harsh UV rays can cause serious damage to your parking lot. If your parking lot is not shaded, then this is something that you have to worry about, since the sunlight can cause cracks, fading, and other damage to your parking area without the addition of sealcoating to help protect it. Not only can asphalt sealcoating help protect your parking lot from the sun, but it can actually help with giving your parking lot a nice, vibrant appearance, which can help if your parking lot is already showing signs of fading from the sun. You might just find that your parking lot will look new again.

3. Rain

You might not think that rain will cause damage to your parking lot. In fact, you might have noticed that the rain sometimes causes your parking lot to look cleaner. However, the acid in the rain can actually cause the asphalt to break down over time. Luckily, asphalt sealcoating is actually very effective at protecting parking lots and other asphalt surfaces from being damaged by the rain and can make cleaning them much easier, too.

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