4 Commercial Asphalt Services Your Business Can Use

16 June 2020
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If you run a business, and you own or are responsible for the parking lot area, it is important to partner with an asphalt company that offers commercial parking lot services. These parking lot services will help keep your parking lot looking great and will also help ensure that your parking lot is a safe place.

Service #1: Crack Sealing

Over time, the cracks in your asphalt, or the area where a new layer of asphalt was laid next to another way, can become brittle. Sunlight can cause the asphalt to oxidize, which can lead seams and small cracks to become more pronounced.

A crack sealing service comes in and fills up the cracks in your asphalt. This will prevent the asphalt around the cracks from further weakening. Filling in the cracks will also prevent the cracks from spreading and causing more damage to your parking lot.

Service #2: Potholes & Patching

Another service asphalt repair company offer is the fixing of potholes and patching of damaged areas of your parking lot. Fixing pothole and patching large damaged areas is a little different than just filling in a crack.

This type of repair is more involved and expensive, as parts of your parking lot may have to be removed in order to fully repair the damage. This service will protect your parking lot from any further destruction.

Service #3: Sealcoating

Sealcoating can help prevent cracks and potholes if you engage this service on a regular basis. Sealcoating is about protecting and reinforcing the asphalt in your parking lot. With the seal coating process, a thin layer of asphalt seal coating mixture is applied to the top of your pavement.

This protective layer is designed to absorb the damage that occurs to the top layer of your asphalt, protecting the core of your asphalt parking lot.

Service #4: Line Striping

Another way to keep your parking lot looking great is by keeping the lines that make up your parking lot clear and easy to see. Clear, easy-to-see lines make your parking lot easier to navigate and can increase the curb appeal of your parking lot as well.

An asphalt paving company can help you take care of your parking lot. They can engage in preventative maintenance, such as sealcoating and line striping, and they can help you with current issues, with crack sealing, and pothole patching services. Contact a local asphalt service today to see what services and packages they offer for commercial parking lots.